Quality craftsmanship, even on a large scale



We love the idea to bring all around the world the luxury and the experience of Made in Italy.

We are doing that in respect of tradition but always looking for innovation: of material, process and product.

The relationship between person and goods, which allows the artisan self-expression, leads to a product that is thought, idea, art.

“Capacity for achievement,
Unique ability to combine experience
and tradition with art.
This is the craftsman.”

Michele Lincetto

Artisan, passionate upholsterer.
Always working on the front line.
Sampling, realizing unique pieces.
He learned the art in the uncle’s small factory.
Made in Italy.
Know how. Know how.
Always looking for the best quality. Sophisticated in everything.
From idea to production.
For important brands.
For design studios.

Michele Lincetto is a master craftsman of the Veneto Region, a figure established by a 2018 regional law.



We create unique and custom-made furniture for private clients.
In the business to business market we manage from the single phase of upholstery to the finished packed product.



Our production includes solutions for the workplace enviroment.
The result is a durable and comfortable product.



We can handle large batches for the hotel and the naval sector.
Custom-made products for public spaces: from the airport lounge to the theater.



The expert hand of Michele Lincetto is able to transform into reality the ideas of architects and designers. Through a personal relationship with them, we define the possible ways to reach the desired result.



Archived prototyping phases, the industrialization of the product is studied, optimizing waste and costs. Fifteen master artisans will take care of the production process.


Luxury & Design

30 years of experience in the industry enables poltronaemme upholstery to develop and manufacture both the most classic luxury furniture and the most ambitious design project.


Conceived, designed and made entirely in Italy, the Collection is inspired by Made in Italy values such as beautiful, well-made and high quality workmanship.

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